1. DESCRIPTION – I will be presenting a 75-minute workshop at Transcend Fest.
  2. DECORUM – I understand that I will be representing Transcend Fest as an extension of the event hosts and will conduct myself in a professional manner while attending the festival.
  3. CONSENT – I understand that Transcend Fest has a strong consent-based culture and that I will uphold this culture in all of my interactions while attending the festival.
  4. COMMUNICATION – I agree to receive messages from Transcend Fest with respect to the festival. I agree to check messages on a regular basis (i.e. leaving notifications on for those messages) and to respond promptly with any information requested. I also agree to check my primary email address provided on my teacher application on a daily basis prior to the festival.
  5. MEETING – I agree to attend Zoom meetings set up prior to the festival on a time and date to be determined by Transcend Fest.
  6. MARKETING AND PROMOTION – I agree that I will promote Transcend Fest on my social media, in my email marketing, in person, and in direct communications. I also agree that I will use an ambassador link to the ticket page in these promotions, which will also compensate me a 10% commission for each ticket sold through the ambassador link.
  7. DECISION-MAKING AUTONOMY – I will allow Transcend Fest to determine my specific teaching day, time, and location for the festival.
  8. PRESENCE – I agree to be on-site for as much of the festival as possible, which starts on Saturday 9/14/24, and ends on Sunday 9/15/24.
  9. EQUIPMENT/INVENTORY – I also understand that I am responsible for providing my own means of loading in and out my equipment and there will be no carts or dollies provided by the land or Transcend Fest.
  10.  INTERNET – I understand that internet access is via phone, and I will plan my presentation accordingly.
  11.  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – I understand that I am responsible for my own belongings along with the security of my commercial and personal items. Transcend Fest assumes no liability, responsibility, or risk for possessions. I also understand that I am responsible for myself and my own well-being and actions and that Transcend Fest nor any of its associated people are liable in any way for my personal health, well-being, or actions.
  12.  PROMOTIONAL CONSENT – I understand that I irrevocably consent to the use of my image (by means of a photograph or any other likeness of me), voice, and name, either in whole or in part and in any and every form, style, size or color, and any related biographical material of me, edited as Transcend Fest may deem appropriate, by Transcend Fest and its agents, licensees, nominees, affiliates, successors, and assigns including print, broadcast, television, radio, electronic, including the Internet, outdoor (including billboards) and any other advertising media now in existence or hereafter created, for advertising, publicity, business, trade or art purposes or any other purpose. I agree that my image may be used either alone and/or in conjunction with sketches, cartoons, captions, films, artwork, textual matter, or other photographs. Transcend Fest will have all rights to register copyrights and renewals thereof in all materials utilized by Transcend Fest pursuant to this Agreement. I understand that I will receive no payments or royalties. The consideration for signing this Agreement is the promotional value that I may receive from Transcend Fest’s promotional campaign. Additionally, Transcend Fest will not be required to use my image, voice, or name for any minimum amount of advertising. Consenting to the use of my image also implies that I agree to photographs and videos of me being taken in any space at Transcend Fest not explicitly deemed a no photography space or time, which is most of the space and time during the festival.
  13.  CANCELLATION – I understand that if my situation changes and I am not able to attend the festival, I will notify Transcend Fest immediately for this planning purposes.  I also understand that should I cancel my complimentary teaching ticket will also be cancelled and cannot be transferred for use to another person.
  14.  VIOLATIONS – I understand that any violation of the above agreements may result in repercussions up to and including a permanent ban from teaching/vending/presenting and/or attending any future Transcend Fest events.