Transcend’s After Fest is nothing like you have ever experienced before.  Picture this, you spent your entire day participating in yoga and wellness workshops, getting in touch with yourself, and learning from our amazing facilitators.  The sun goes down, the energy shifts, and you walk into a new dimension.  One you did not know can co-exist at a festival like this.  Upon arriving into the venue space, you are greeted by intuitive readers, a botanical mocktail bar, an LED hoop jam, fire performances, a DJ spinning up the top mantra beats, and so much more.  You are finally able to unwind while still being in community and participating in more activities through the evening on Saturday.

Our After Fest takes place on Saturday, September 14, 2024 from 8:30 pm until 11:30 pm.  The After Fest ticket is included in the Mystical Warrior Weekend pass as well as the Saturday day pass.  If you did not purchase either of these tickets, you are able to purchase an After Fest ticket and still join in on all the festivities the night has to offer. 

Meet Tori Cummings

Our Fire Performer

Tori Cummings has spent over 24 years in the realm of dance and is so honored to be a part of Transcend Fest.  Tori grew up at dance competitions, following her sister’s footsteps from the very young age of 2, and fell massively in love with art.  Tori won top awards in both regional and national competitions, has attended countless professional conventions, choreographed for her university’s hip hop crew, and has been choreographing and judging in the dance world for the past 9 years.  Tori has thousands of hours of training in anatomy, yoga, health & wellness and has developed a love for sharing the medicine of dance and flow through performance art.  Tori has now taken a twist on her dancing career and has become a full-time Yoga, Movement, Health Educator, and professional Fire Dancer in Massachusetts, throughout New England, and internationally.  She is incredibly thrilled to be performing at this conscious Yoga Festival to share the medicine of performance and dance with you.

Meet our DJ


DJ W.O.W is an acronym for Wind Over Water.  An idea that is always changing just like his soul and sound.  Sometimes a set will inspire him to Walk On Water.  Sometimes, he may have a Weekend Of Wonder, but W.O.W is always an alchemist of sound mixing chemistry like no other.

Meet LaTia Holley

Our Botanical mocktail Goddess

Transcend’s after fest mocktail bar curated by Fruitful Ascensions Tea Goddess LaTia will feature handcrafted herbal creations with ingredients that raise your vibration, open your third eye, and create feelings of euphoria.  LaTia’s teas are a multi-sensory experience from their alluring natural colors to their intoxicating aromas and their unique and exquisite flavor, these herbal teas and lemonades are a spiritual experience that unfolds with every sip.
Featuring a mix of Fruitful Ascension signature flavors plus a specially curated limited edition Transcend Fest blend, the mocktail bar will offer these unique beverages served apothecary style or remixed alchemist style with high quality enhancements like handmade tinctures and organic bubbles to take things to the next level.  The mocktail bar accepts cash, Venmo, and CashApp.  Please plan accordingly.

Intuitive Readings


Chiromancy is the art of hand divination or palmistry.  While divination can be a supportive tool, hand divination doesn’t get to the heart of it.  Palmistry is the art of reading the lines on one’s palms.  Similar to interpreting a road map, reading the curves, forks, and breaks of the lines on the palm is interpreting the map of your life. Palmistry can be used as a reflection of your life’s purpose, journey, and gifts.  If you aren’t in alignment with your personal roadmap, then you may feel out of alignment but not understand why.  Your hands hold the blueprint of your souls purpose.  What stories are held in the lines of your own hands?  Feel the power of being witnessed while receiving validation or guidance on your path in this special reading. Megan accepts cash, Venmo, and credit cards.  Please plan accordingly.

Intuitive Plant Readings

Has a certain plant been showing up for you lately?  One or more of the plants could be trying to get your attention to provide a message meant just for you.  The message could be an answer to a question, a direction to take, or a simple offering of support on your journey.  If you don’t believe in the sentience of plants, think back over the past few weeks.  Have you been seeing a certain flower or hearing the name of a certain plant more often than usual?  Often this reflection is the first key to understanding.  Sit with Megan and the plant that has chosen you for a brief intuitive plant reading to receive your message from the plants.  Messages will come through in a brief discussion or as a channeled poem from the plant. Megan accepts cash, Venmo, and credit cards.  Please plan accordingly.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with this transformative intuitive tarot reading.  We will dive deep into the mystical realm of divination, where ancient wisdom meets modern insight.  I will guide you through the symbolism of the cards, offering profound insights and guidance on your life’s path.  Whether you seek clarity, validation, or empowerment, this reading will help illuminate your inner truth and help you navigate life’s challenges with confidence and grace. Reader accepts cash, Venmo, and credit cards.  Please plan accordingly.

LED Hoop jam led by Kailey Mitchell

Join us for an electrifying LED hoop jam during the After Fest with Hipnotic Hoopla, accompanied by beats spun by the talented DJ W.O.W. Bring your own light-up props and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing display of lights, music, and flow arts. Whether you’re a seasoned hooper or just starting out, everyone is welcome to join the fun and contribute to the vibrant energy of the jam. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of an unforgettable experience that celebrates self-expression and community spirit.

We can’t wait to see you on the mountain

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